June 26th, 2005

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7490 - Recap of yesterday, and some linkadoos.

Occupied myself physically, emotionally and mentally. A combination of elements helped me to unwind and distract enough to bleed off a bit of pressure.

Batman Begins certainly the best of the Batman Movies. They did a great job on Gotham, Jim Gordon *looked* like Jim Gordon, and bhk is right... Christian Bale's teeth put in a superb performance.

Opinions & Spoilers: Rachel was way out of line, letting an emotionally vulnerable Bruce off in front of Falcone's place with a gun in his hand. I think that the 'Ghul funded the financial depression of Gotham's bit was unneeded and contrived, and I didn't much like that Batman left Ghul to crash. Scarecrow was excellent, and the actor did a great job with the role. I'm thinknig that using the joker right away for a sequel might be a bad idea, though. Another scary guy that uses psychoactive chemicals to kill his prey might be too similar... and Crispin Glover might have too similar a look even if he is who I'd want to play the Joker. I think they did a great job packing in a lot of bat-lore, and generated a few nice bits, too. the blue-flower toxin (basic eye-focus version, not the scary hallucinations) is not too far off from what I've experienced under the use of mushrooms, either. Why wasn't the kid tripping, by the way? The smart-fabric cape was a nice touch.

Random movie trailer question... You can open the doors to the General Lee?

Walked right by the free moonlight movie to see Batman. It was a nice night... warm, but with a breeze off the intracoastal. Cheeburger Cheeburger on Las Olas Closed, so we went to Ugly Tuna Saloona.

Aside from keeping my eyes and brain occupied with a movie, I also got distracted by assorted legal intoxicants - smoochess, chocolate ice cream, merengue (not meringue?), music, a little rum, a little caffeine, and some secondhand tobacco smoke. We may do a replay with Land of the Dead today. Maybe Bewitched, Mr & Mrs Smith or Longest Yard, too. MP gets dibs on this one. I wouldn't mind Madagascar, either.

I've balanced my keel by keeping the hope that bro is on the run, and not out of the game.

Beverly Domain

Shifty Shafer
Good afternoon, Mr. Clampett, I'm here to inform you that I'm purchasing your home.

Jed Clampett
Well, it's mighty nice o' you to offer, but the house ain't for sale.

Shifty Shafer
No, you don't understand sir, it's eminent domain.

Jed Clampett
Pleased to make your acquaintance Mr. Domain, but like I say, the house ain't for sale. But thanks for stoppin' by anyhow. Read more...

CJR's online guide to what major media companies own

Tickle-a-girl Simulator.

Bumper sticker seen yesterday - "When you die you'll meet Father God, not Mother Earth."

Um... What if you get buried, like most folks in this area do? Odds are good that I'll at least hit the ground when I die, no matter what happens after that. Maybe it's some sort of rapture reference? A slam against pagans? Against environmentalists? Maybe I'm just a little slow today, but I don't get the message. If I don't get the message, I'm not getting saved. Bad Acolyte. No Biscuit. No Wafer.

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