June 28th, 2005

scotto piercing gaze superhero

7504 - Tuesday, wish it was Thursday.

Relived, but not fully unwound.

Magda and I will be spending much of the long weekend together (Thursday night - Monday at the airport, give or take.)

Shooting Began in South Beach for "Miami Vice : The Movie"

The skies opened up and the rain came down in heavy, thick drops again last night. I hope bro is on high ground. He's a solid camper, and I think he's got good cover.

I notice that Lj post security is using openID already. very interesting... I'm still screening, but accepting entries from that source too, for the time being. I wonder how popular that'll be?

Freaky falling puppet-body over spheres. you can pick the puppet up with the mouse, and toss it.

Florida On Florida is a catalog of digital materials related to Florida. It includes all sorts of items including maps, photographs, postcards, books, and manuscripts.

Man, the New River and Las Olas looked pretty different back in the day. A bit later, Las Olas in 1939.

Moment of Lyric:

Collapse )

His goal in life was to be an echo
The type of sound that floats around and then back down
Like a feather
But in the deep chrome canyons of the loudest Manhattans
No one could hear him
Or anything

So he slept on a mountain
In a sleeping bag underneath the stars
He would lie awake and count them
And the gray fountain spray of the great Milky Way
Would never let him
Die alone

Collapse )

Collapse )

Now tag 5 people to do the same? Oh, anyone who wants to. No pressure.

I uploaded a few archival piccies to my flickr account. Newt, mostly, but a few other surprises, too.

SCIENTISTS have created eerie zombie dogs, reanimating the canines after several hours of clinical death in attempts to develop suspended animation for humans.

US scientists have succeeded in reviving the dogs after three hours of clinical death, paving the way for trials on humans within years. Collapse )

Possible new icon?


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scotto piercing gaze superhero

7505 - To live instead of exist

See things that bring you awe.

Share your happiness with others.

Learn / Do something new every day

Develop a skill, and improve something with it.

Make the world a better place

Be Generous. Be Kind.

Be Genuine with your love.

Be truthful, but not cruel.

Be strong, and help the weak.

Don’t just complain. Do something to correct a situation that needs repair.

Show gratitude.