July 9th, 2005

scotto monkeypulse

7546 - quiet but not silence

power went out at 6:15. the house is veryquiet / dark without any ambient noise / light. no LEDs, no street lights, no motors in the fridge and a/c unit running.

sunup hasn't happened yet and cloud cover is thick. fortunately, the palmtop is battery-powered and backlit. I used the light from it to navigate the apartment until I could get to a flashlight.

it's now 6:31, and I think I'll call FPL, and snuggle in with the Newtinator.

update - 7:14am

Power back. little red, blue and green lamps all active again, and A/c is back before it got too hot. the sun is up, if behind cloud cover. time to turn on big brain and update the journal properly.

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scotto monkeypulse

7545 - Scotto gestures hypnotically...

...and *PRESTO*. It's a Saturday.

I wouldn't mind having the powers of a hypnotist like Mandrake, Sargon or Zanzibar in classic comics. Plus, Magicians always have spiffy headgear. Top Hats, Fezzes... pretty keen.

"Scotto, an American philosopher, fights the forces of crime and evil with the magic of Indian Fakirs..."

Not a bad trick... baddie's legs pop off with a snap of your fingers.
I'd have said a magic word for spice. "paraplegic pro temporum!"

My eyes are blue and look as innocent as a child's. Particularly of a child who is trying hard to look innocent.

Thick, thick rain right now, remainders of the power outage still bouncing around. More Street traffic sounds , tires sending rooster-tails up as they go through puddles, rain water hitting glass and ground water. I hear the alarm klaxon at the medical center is going... it started a few minutes before power went out over here. I wonder how long it'll continue until someone comes to shut it off? 1-hour turnaround for repair isn't bad, considering how busy I imagine FPL is with the storm.

[update - 7:35 - klaxons have stopped]

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Research shows lab-grown meat possible on an industrial scale via waxy_org

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Stem Cell Steak, here we come

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Doctor here won't charge

7548 - Noisy.

11:12- klaxons at the medical center on again. Heavy Rains on a window probably set it off again. Called the police non-emergency number to come handle it.\

[update:11:33 - they just shut off. I wonder if the cops will swing by anyway.]