July 12th, 2005

Good road to follow

7554 - I'd prefer to stay home today.

Wonderful time with Magda last night. My last time with her tomorrow night, (Until Late October / Early November, now. Then she'll be in town for a month, then gone for Christmas and back again in January-February)

Not much to update, because I spent most of my time with her and the Newtie-berry. A fine time was had by all.

Yummy dinner was fettuccine Alfredo which Newton was very interested in, until the fresh black pepper was added.

Newt wasn't jealous of MP at all.

No word from Bro since Friday. I wish he'd check in.

Back from the chrono-lift. The only differences I see so far is that Mickey Mouse has four digits on each hand instead of five and my currency now has pictures of statesmen on it, rather than plant life. Oddly enough, now the bills are all green instead of the rainbow of shades before. I never understood why hemp was on the ten-cent piece *and* the five dollar bill, anyhow.

Moment of Lyric:

So I turn to you and I say,
Thank goodness for the Good Souls that make life better,
So I turn to you and I say,
If it wasn't for the Good Souls, life would not matter.

I like waffles... and pancakes...and French toast.

Passed around, but worth continuing - Zombies attack SCA event. More funny to me is that they hit McDonald's afterwards.

Something I learned via a random comment on my crab picture. -

Not to be picky but crabs have eight legs, not counting the claws. You could even argue that the mouth parts are modified legs. Insects, like ants and beetles, have six legs. Crabs are crustaceans and they may have any number of legs and are not limited to eight as far as I know.

Thanks, sandrino!


Another autostitch test - a bus in motion, multiple light sources, and jagged jerky movement, background moving.

It did pretty good job, all told, except for a little fubar on the right. BCT route 20 in fort Lauderdale, 7pm 7/11/05

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