July 17th, 2005

Kind lady

7569 - Chugga-chugga, Sun-Dayyyy.

Hung out with Kev... we picked up the DVD of Challenge of the Super Friends, and watched / mocked / reminisced episodes that were classic while enjoying Bud's French Fries and Kitty-scratches. We could've gone to the Dave Matthews concert.. free tickets, but we're lazy slackers.

Jinx and Felix are *huge* now. Moneypenny is still tiny, especially for a Maine-coon, but her tail is gigantic. I think she may be a runt. The Pooches were hanging out in the garage, so I didn't see much of them.

Kev's place is amazingly clean, since Karen moved out.

Christmas Present (We were pretty behind the times) was Farcry, a wolverine travel mug and a wolverine gum ball dispenser. I'm not a huge Wolvie fan, but the mug is fun.. he's got a flip-top skullcap! It'll do well for work travel. I'm probably going to get pretty immersed in FarCry after I finish Bard's Tale. I'd like to do multiplayer with Sammy, Whims, and etc. The level editor/mod engine looks really powerful and clean. It's been available for a long time, but I never got around to picking it up, past the demo.

Tri-rail was a a bit of a hassle. I missed the 11am train by inches, and had to wait for the noon train, instead. That ended up being about 50 minutes late as well. Fortunately, I had the palmtop and entertained myself by reading my e-book (Wings), doodling a bit and taking pictures. There was a rude note from AvantGo "you haven't read anything for a week, so we've blanked out your synch" so much for me saving it for a rainy day.

Miami's Mass Transit System is far superior to Broward and Palm Beach. Tri-rail is still mostly a joke, but the Broward Bus system isn't terrible. I need to remember the train-tracking page.

Toilet air supply shut off valve.
On the train -
Toilet Air Shut Off? I guess just lighting a match isn't sufficient for some folks.
I am easily amused.

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Moment of Lyric: (mp3)

Mr. Moonlight
You came to me one summer night and from your beam you made my dream,
And from the world you sent my girl and from above you sent us love,
And now she's mine.
I think you're fine 'cause we love you, Mr. Moonlight.

Mr. Moonlight, come again please, here I am on my knees,
Begging if you please, and the nights you don't come my way.
I'll pray and pray more each day, 'cause we love you, Mr. Moonlight,
Mr. Moonlight.

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