July 19th, 2005

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7573 - Tuesday quickly.

Well, Bro is still out and about, but I don't know the whole story yet.

Danny tonight. probably just a meal and an hour or so of gab.

The other top40 journals that I've nosed through on occasion are jwz, news, libraries, london_070705, and lj_dev, the_unexplained and miss_mcdonald.

Riverwalk, view from the inside of the tower.
I'm impressed at how well autostitch bent the roof.

Outside of the Riverwalk plaza...it looks smaller on the outside,
seems larger from the inside.

Farcry is fun, but it seems to crash to the desktop whenever I go to multiplay... I have the latest patches... put in a query at support. All of the proper ports are open, too. Firewall is set up properly.

[update - Ack. I uninstalled, and reinstalled it, now it bombs even in regular play. I'm going to have to kill it and revive it again.]

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