July 28th, 2005

Kind lady

7592 - Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

allergy shots went well, just two pokes, one in each arm.

Had difficulties at work yesterday, hopefully today will be better.

Danny liked the first Nac Mac Feegle book, but ran out of steam mid-sequel. Ah well. We're going to see Sky High tomorrow.

Glowing Breast Implants

Eerie Sounds of Saturn's Radio Emissions... I suspected it was a gag, at first. (via eryx_uk) It sounds like a classic atomic horror movie about the reign of giant earthworms or such.

sed & weez today after work! I'm excited!

Moment of Lyric: (mp3)

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Hey, Little Twelvetoes, I hope you're well.
Must be some far-flung planet where you dwell.
If we were together you could be my cousin.
Down here we call 'em "a dozen."
Hey, Little Twelvetoes, please come back home...

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Homebrew model Star Wars ships that ACTUALLY FLY

I remember when I'd visit the airstrip at john prince park, some guy had a Snoopy on his doghouse (midway down the page) go against the red baron.

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