July 31st, 2005

scotto monkeypulse

7601 - And another month draws to a close

I discovered an new Flickr group - whats in my fridge

Kev thought I was pulling his leg about the cosmic treadmill.

Got an opportunity for a condo in Deerfield. It's a bit north, and would make for a bit of a commute, but it might be what I want in a one bedroom residence that I actually own myself.

Bombay, India received over 37 inches of rain in 24 hours — the heaviest rainfall ever recorded, bringing life there to a virtual halt.

25 people in Bombay died from being trapped in cars or having their houses collapse on them. Another 53 people in the state are also dead, and 130 people are missing.

Since the monsoon season began June 1st, 633 people are dead and 5.6 million are homeless as a result of this season's incredibly heavy downpours according to the Home Minister, Shivra Patil.

That falling person on bubbles again, this time W is the fallen one. - more falling famous people (some might not be safe for work)

Sky High Powers Breakdown -

Plant Control - Layla (She's the Neighbor from "Phil of the future"'s Sister.
(Multi-power, growth, entangle, create food, change environment, healing/drain only on plants)
Flight - Jetstream
Super Strength/invulnerability/shockwave -Commander
"Body of Stone" (big Larry)
Shapeshift (Mimic others)
Shapeshift/Shrinking (change into a hamster)
Change Environment - "Glow like a glow stick"
Instant Change lessons
high-speed running tricks (air-vortex, run-by strikes, increased stealth)
Melt (Transform to Body of "orange Water")
"Techno-Kinetic" - Multi-power for use with technology. Tech-pool/Mild specialized TK
Mad Science
Grappling hook classes
a few examples of transform
Acid spit
Energy blast (fireball)/Damage shield (flaming arms/hands)
X-Ray Vision
Sonic Yell

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