August 7th, 2005

scotto monkeypulse

7621 -

Lost my journal entry to deepest sender? I'll have to see if I can recover it from draft, after my lunch meeting today.

Very odd.. 2nd dropped entry in the last month. Probably coincidence (last was semagic, this one was deepest sender). I'll have time to rebuild it if I must during call today.

Go look at jumpingpictures if you're bored.

scotto monkeypulse

7620 -

Moment of Lyric:

Collapse )

I try to get to my taxi
A man in a tracksuit attacks me
He says that he saw it before me
And wants to get things a bit gory
Girls scrabble round with no clothes on
To borrow a pound for a condom
If it wasn't for chip fat they'd be frozen
They're not very sensible

La-ah-ah, la la lalala la
Ah-ah-ah, la la lalala la

Collapse )

Walkabout picture - Panorama


Federal and 2nd ave 8/7/05, autostitched from about 60 pictures.

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