August 13th, 2005

Free telephone

7639 - Thank you, Lisa2!! (Electric Boogaloo)

Lisa2, (or Weez & Sedef) sent me a lovely strawberry shortcake glitter night light (red, of course, with strawberry shaped foil bits to spin around). It's awesome, and matches my blue glitter lava lamp perfectly. Hmm, I guess in proper sense, it would be 2(Lisa)?

It totally made my day, and I was needing a pick-me-up! In the dark, it sends off a very warm glow, compared to the cool light of the blue, too.

Thank you so much!! (Pink in honor of you both, and Strawberry Shortcake.)

I still think Holly Hobbie could totally take Miss Shortcake in a fight, but SS does have a nice scent about her.

2784 is my new score at that rotating snake game thingum. I may steal it to host in the toybox.

Moment of Lyric (mp3 - via)

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He bought a safe to put the box in
And a house to put the safe in
And a watchdog on a chain to make quite sure
And his face was very funny
When he counted up his money
And he realized he hadn't any more

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Quicktime movie of my morning ride on the bus. (355k, not the best quality) It was quiet, but I love the little movements people are making. Hand gestures, swaying to music, etc. audio shows how silent everything was. I really need to get a new digicam... maybe it'll be my next Christmas prezzie to myself (or, if I get really covetous, a Halloween prezzie.) That way I can go back to making high quality cinema, like tinklepig.

On call from 4:30pm Friday to 8am Sunday Morning, so I'll catch up with my reading, Newton-petting and archived Netflix booty. Probably at least two of those at any given time. I haven't watched Carnivàle Season one yet, and I've yet to polish off Scarlet Street and Detour. Philistine that I am, the Godzilla Movies have already been viewed. (Gojira tai Megagirasu: Jî shômetsu sakusen and Gojira, Mosura, Kingu Gidorâ: Daikaijû sôkôgeki)

hm, strike that! as I write this, EN called and would like Saturday, as long as I give him a gap to take a trip to the gym. By all means! Now I can sleep more comfortably, and just hope no more upper tier tech issues try and bug me.

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Frickin' Nightmare of errors yesterday.. it's just as well that I was on call, because I would've had to hop to my feet every 2 hours anyway to deal with the ivr issues. 1 - long/lat was confused for all data in the state of Washington. 2 - dialers cache was full, so no messages went out for 30 minutes while we waited for a solution. thankfully Gary knows his stuff (Martin is sorely lacking, however)

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