August 16th, 2005

Kind lady

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Hm, no payment on my ad-links for the last month... I suppose I'll take 'em down if I don't see anything by the first week of September.

Heard from Magda last night and it was quite nice... but all too brief. She's going to Costa Rica for a week or two, and then back to Colombia, and then back to Fort Lauderdale.

A pretty funny trailer for a hillbilly Kung-Fu zombie movie which does not yet exist, presumably only because Billy Bob Thorton has yet to get wind of it.

The South Will Rise Again

Free Wi-Fi? Get Ready for GoogleNet.


Meaning: servant of Nego = Nebo.

This was the Chaldee name given to Azariah, one of Daniel's three companions (Dan. 2:49). With Shadrach and Meshach, he was delivered from the burning fiery furnace (3:12-30).

Looked it up, after hearing a man name his dog that. Pretty nifty name.

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