August 18th, 2005

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7654 - A straight!

Sandman the next Villain in the spidey movies? (researched due to this entry)

I'd still like to see Mysterio in a gimmicky 3-d movie for spidey's third release.

Watched Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Worked for me, but might not for most. I suspect that GrayP would find it entertaining, but I doubt eryx_uk or Danny could get into it.

I chased it with Gojira tai Hedorâ... I hadn't seen it for a good 10 years, and I was overdue. I forgot all about the fish-headed folks and weirdo cartoons that are in this one. Mmm... Smog-monster-liscious. and Godzilla Flying under his own power. (2 meg mpg file) (thanks to

Moment of Lyric: "Save the Earth" (from "Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster")

Animals, God's animals
Don't go away, don't go
Flowers, my flowers
Don't go away, don't go
The sea has cobalt, it's full of mercury
Too many fumes in our oxygen
All the smog now is choking you and me
Good Lord, where is it gonna end?
Got to get it back, someday
Got to get it back, and soon now
For tomorrow maybe you and me
We're movin', we're movin', movin' to the Moon now
It's up to us to make a choice
We know what it's worth to save the Earth
Come raise your voice
Save the Earth! (save the Earth)Collapse )

Aurgasm - your favorite music you've never heard

meme via myid8myego -

Ten things that make me happy
  1. Newton

  2. Being snuggled with right before sleep

  3. Hot-hot showers

  4. Grilled cheese sammich and tomato soup on a cold day

  5. Catching a whiff of a friendly scent out of nowhere

  6. Being recognized and getting a smile from them as a result

  7. Giant rubber monsters smashing up Tokyo (especially watching from bed on a late Sunday morning, with a bowl of cereal)

  8. Walking barefoot in tall grass with no fear of stabby-things

  9. People-watching

  10. Walkabout in ruins with nobody around

Collapse )

Happy 17th (or whatever) Birthday to BeauCoupKevin! Cake and Fun for you today!

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7655 - It's alarming.

Help! I've been singing "I Feel Pretty" (from West Side Story) in Robert Goulet's style since I was in the shower this morning.

Even the Love Boat theme won't get it out of my head.

Also, I couldn't remember Robert Goulet's name for about 30 minutes this am, either. He was just "that guy from camelot/beetlejuice/recess".