August 19th, 2005

Prisoner Quiz

7658 - Friday.

So, it looks like that by some legal twist that bro is out of jail on 8/26, and he'll get time served for probation, too. I don't get it. He's making sounds about moving out of the county and starting fresh, but he's made those noises before. Positive thing is that he currently has no drugs in his system. It's possible that he'll make it... if he steers clear of old acquaintances, I think his chances are pretty decent.

Testing map of hits to my journal site at my domain - javascript still doesn't work in lj proper, sadly.

Tightening the belt again (in more ways than one)... I've been a bit of a glutton lately, so it's time to get back on proper eating track, and save some money, to boot.

Removed pay links, since I haven't been paid in two months, with no reply from the company. That's a bummer, so much for that easy money a month. [edit - got paid for August, but not July... I've reactivated the links pending possible back payment.]

Another floaty-around meme - (filled out late last night)

1. Ten years ago:

I was working with Kev and Island boy at IMT. Lots of good times for low pay. Picked up a lot of my Networking skills and visual programming there. hung out with the hippies a lot. Picture of me from that time period with Leisa and balloon hats. Introduced to Phish. Jerry Garcia died. Pretty much stopped gaming about a year before when GrayP & Katt moved to TX.

2. Five years ago:

Just getting into LJ, Live-in and kick out relationship with April, EMAGE gaming group broke up when married members started sleeping with other married members (who weren't married to one another) and work called the crew to Seattle, California, and elsewhere. Living in pompano, Swat Team invasion, Bro in Hawaii,  I get a CPAP,  Newt is about a year old. Consult for more information. Danny Changes vocations from Science to Tech Writer.

3. One year ago:

Reunited with GrayP via Email,  City Of Heroes, Living In Lauderdale, Bro Drama comes to a peak, D evaporates, CEJ evaporates, get good friends in Sammy and Whims. Danny a Teacher. I'm at current gig for a year.

Consult for more information.

4. Yesterday:

See Yesterday's post. Godzilla, Jesus fighting Vampires, Sandman abuses Spidey, work, allergy shots.

5. Today:

Memes, Happy things, Music stuck in my head, see Today's Posts.

6. Tomorrow:

I go out with Danny (to the club, probably - free buffet [we'll probably skip the buffet for something lower in sodium, like sushi] and 3-for-1 drinks) and I welcome the arrival of the weekend.

7. Five snacks I enjoy:

Goldfish crackers.
Honey Nut Cheerios.
Blueberry Yogurt.

8. Five bands I know the lyrics of most of their songs:

The Beatles
Talking Heads
They Might Be Giants
Simon & Garfunkel
Grateful Dead

9. Five things I would do with $100,000,000:

Start some sort of helpful foundation
Dismantle a company by hiring away all the vital personnel
Build my education in a way that I prefer

10. Five locations I'd like to run away to:

Gorilla City
A cabin in the mountains (with hidden dormant volcano bunker)
A cabin by the sea
Luxurious castle in Bavaria, where legions of my peasant minions toil in the fields while I work on inventions forged of science and sorcery.
A new job at google

11. Five Bad Habits:

Junk food
Too much internet
Messy Housekeeper (Or, Leaving stuff in piles rather than putting them back where they belong - books, cds, etc)
Mentally switching off people I don't want to hear
Snap-judgment of personalities

12. Five things I like doing:

Sleeping in with Newt
Reading a good book
Having extended, interesting conversations
Walking along the beach
Having a home cooked meal by a person who loves to cook.

13. Five TV shows I like:

Red Dwarf
Invader Zim
Kim Possible
Dr. Who

14. Famous People I'd like to meet, living or dead:

Johnny Cash
Ray Bradbury
Jane Goodall
Ray Harryhausen

15. Biggest joys at the moment:

Lisa & Lisa on the road reports
Decompression at the club
Success stories at work

16. Favorite toys:

Rubber dinosaurs
Army Men
Pirate Ships

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Prisoner Quiz

7660 - Friday 5

1. Name someone dead that you'd like to have drinks with:

My dad

2. What's your favorite scary movie?

Alien (first rated R movie I ever saw, and it was very effective, scarewise.)

3. After you've passed away, who will say the nicest things about you?

I have no idea. Danny, I suspect.

4. What did you think of Peter Jennings?

TV personality, I could identify him, but I had no real attachment.

5. Name a Grateful Dead song:

Sugar Magnolia (a personal fave)

Kind lady

7662 - Monkeys in Government

Delhi goes ape over monkey menace

An unusually large group of Rhesus macaque monkeys, who seem to share the space with ministers and bureaucrats in New Delhi, are causing havoc at government offices.

The increasingly aggressive animals swing effortlessly between the offices of the defence, finance and external affairs ministries, and have even been spotted in the Prime Minister's office, government officials say.

The monkeys, who barge into government offices, stealing food, threatening bureaucrats, and  even ripping apart valuable documents, are virtually unstoppable.Collapse )

According to a rough estimate, there are more than 10,000 monkeys in the Capital.

many thanks to BCKev who pointed me to yet another lovely monkey article.