August 24th, 2005

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7672 - Mmm. Green Beans. With those little onion crispies on top.

Well, not totally up to snuff yet, but close enough for government work. I will be taking it slow and easy.

Dreamt about cooking green beans that kept vanishing. Sort of goofy, like a lame episode of Bewitched.

Saudi Swimsuits. I'd be pretty uncomfortable in all that gear... I think I'd opt to stay out of salt water in those.

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Zombie Astronaut - More radio/drama goodness in mp3 format. (including a CBS mystery Theater, miss juliabee! - in fact, I found the site while looking for CBS episodes available for download - sniff around the archives, and more can be found.)

Museum of Modern Robocop art. Lovely Doodles. I'm rather partial to "Look out, Robocop! Messerschmitts!" and "It's Your Prime Directive, Robocop! (Production cels from 1988's failed animated special.)"

Dear Pat Robertson, Bite me.

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I'm amazed at how many followers he has. No... not amazed. Saddened that folks think that this guy is any sort of Christian.

Here, have some quotes.

Reflecting on my old gaming group... I'm the only guy from that period that hasn't cracked 40 yet. That seems so odd, considering back when I was just getting into the SCA with Pam, she needed a permission slip to come along. More than half a lifetime ago. A lot has happened since then. Pam's the only person since Sophomore year of high school that I know is still alive, via outside people. I have no idea where Driana, Beth, Steve, Cameron, Beau... any of those folks are.

I'm glad that I've had a chance to be friends with GP again. I'd really dig seeing Katt or Doug maintaining online journals, too. I have to remember to point GP at the Livejournal image hosting stuff, too. I'm not sure if he has his own host or not.

Who was it that told me that nostalgia, like chest pain, is often a sign of deeper problems? I'm not trying to avoid looking forward... it's just that the past is most easily documented and referred.

Moment of Lyric

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A tear of petrol
Is in your eye
The hand brake
Penetrates your thigh
Quick -- Let's make love
Before you die

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Random Cat-picture moment



I'd have to say that if I have a double out there... I'm probably not the evil twin.
Not anymore, now that I've killed the good twin and taken his place, that is

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