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August 29th, 2005

7687 - la, la, Monday Monday

Finally got to watch On the Waterfront. Brando and Malden in a noir setting. A really young Fred Gwynne, too. Nicely done, perfect for a Sunday matinee. Funny how downtown pool halls haven't changed much over the years. It's been maybe 20 years since I've seen the movie.

Guys scrambling for a work tab... that sort of thing still happens at the docks, too.

Cool that they refer to a fink as a canary and a cheese-eater. I can dig that. Billy Zane seems to try to snag the Brando look, but doesn't quite carry it off.

Followed that with The Specials... not too far from an Earth-Two version of Hadji Has Hair. Rob Lowe as The Weevil! I dig VIII. Poor Stretchie Boy!

I rather enjoyed the commentary, too. It had very little to do with the movie... just buddies shooting the breeze and having some couples counseling, basically, but it was fun.

If I had to pick people to play different heroes from the old group (and people the would probably choose to play by type) -
  • Amok - Tony

  • Nightbird - Katt

  • Mr. Smart - Me

  • Deadly Girl - Pam

  • Ms Indestructible - Kathy

  • The Strobe - Doug

  • Alien Orphan - GM NPC to play off of Power girl

  • The Weevil - GrayPumpkin NPC

  • U.S. Bill - A Danny NPC (See: White Bow)

  • Power Chick - Rik, Maybe Graypumpkin (Requires a lot of energy for a long time)

  • Eight - fun NPC

  • Zip-Boy - NPC

Last Flick was Once Upon A Time In The West which is just brilliant. The opening is really quite stunning, and Claudia Cardinale is gorgeous.

Had a great chat mid-western with Lisa2 and Naser.. getting them into google talk. It'll be a lot easier to afford online gab than phone bills that far, that's for sure! They crack me up, and they dig my ladies' man Barry White chat-voice and good genetic stock, it seems.

Snagged from squarerootofpi and eryx_uk

Write 20 random facts about yourself and then tag the same number of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.

  1. I am the tallest guy in the room at least 95% of the time.

  2. Children and Animals like me

  3. I am afraid of bad dogs

  4. I hate feeling dirty or stinky, and must bathe at least once a day.

  5. I'm a terrible housekeeper, and would get a maid if I could

  6. I try to be merciful, even though I suspect that mercy is a construct of the guilty, for the guilty

  7. I believe that everyone knows the right from wrong.

  8. I've been dripping blood onto a towel since I stubbed my 2nd toe this morning

  9. I'm not a violent man but can be that way if the situation calls for it

  10. I've got a soft spot for history

  11. I don't really have faith in a higher being

  12. I'm not a fan of raw tomatoes, but love 'em in soups and sauces

  13. I think Rufus Wainwright is pretty awesome, singer-wise

  14. I'm looking into a nice condo in Deerfield Beach

  15. Zombies are my favorite Monster

  16. Gorillas are my favorite primate (including humans)

  17. I'm impressed that Cheese and Beer were ever "invented", but I'm glad they both were.

  18. I think that we should focus on feeding the hungry and homeless in our own back yards before doing it overseas

  19. I feel that the space program will do better once it's in the hands of evil corporations out for profit

  20. I have more emotional investment in Newt than I do in any human right now

Tag to anyone who wants to play! (I'd like to see graypumpkin's answers, just because)

Katrina looks like more of a monster than I could possibly have guessed. I hope that those in New Orleans have found a way to get out safely, and that the guys manning the water-pumps are able to handle cleanup as well as possible. It's astounding that she's on a level with Gilbert in 1988, (the strongest recorded 'cane ever) and has much more potential for disaster.

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7688 - PSA - New Orleans

Updates on New Orleans via journals -



The American Red Cross has undertaken its largest relief mobilization in its history in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's furious assault on the United States' Gulf Coast.

The American Red Cross is launching the largest mobilization of resources in its history for a single natural disaster. Hurricane Katrina, a deadly Category 4 storm, is barreling ashore this morning along the Gulf Coast and has the potential to leave widespread devastation in its wake.

The Red Cross is mobilizing on all fronts to bring relief to storm victims. More than two hundred Red Cross shelters are housing thousands of residents who fled Katrina's wrath. All available resources from across the country, including thousands of staff and volunteers are being moved to safe areas, so additional relief efforts can begin immediately after the storm passes. More than 200 emergency response vehicles (ERVs) and countless other Red Cross resources are en route or on the scene to provide hot meals, snacks, bottled water and distribute other much-needed relief supplies. In coordination with the Southern Baptists, preparations have been made to provide more than 500,000 hot meals to storm-weary residents each day.

"We are prepared at every level for what will likely be a catastrophic disaster," said Lois Grady-Wesbecher, Manager of the Disaster Operations Center at American Red Cross national headquarters. "When Mother Nature is at her worst, the American Red Cross is at its best."

You may make a secure, online, charitable donation to the American Red Cross via this link.

Or, if you prefer calling:

Current storm events seem to trump cuteness, but not Batman with a goat. It must all be about keywords.

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