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September 28th, 2005

7771 - Hump-day dump-day, sat on a wall...

Reviewed Deerfield condo, and I put in a submission for a background/credit check with the crew there... I could be moved in before Halloween, after all. Certainly before Thanksgiving, if the bank and condo commando crew are with me. Newt will remain with me, regardless.

Batfatty's scanned an awesome gorilla comic.

Mugato toy! - "In a marketing decision that may have been influenced by the success of the Planet of the Apes line, Mego clothed their Mugato figure. And not just in any clothes--bright, day-glow double-knit polyester duds. This choice is not only just plain chromatically insulting, but culturally anachronistic as well. The Neuralians are barely above the hunter-gatherer stage, still adorning themselves with animal hides. Taking this into consideration, I refuse to believe that the Mugato--beast-like and primitive--roams the hills of Neural in one of Huggy Bear's rejects."

Moment of Lyric:

...Collapse )

Oh I am young but I have aged
Waited long to seize the day
All things said and plenty done
Oh I am young but I have a past
Traveled far to find the start
Yes I am scared and I've been burnt
But life is short

...Collapse )

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7772 - Note to self, link for others.


very useful reference link - state resources across the board.

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