October 8th, 2005

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7797 -

More sleep was obtained Friday night. I crashed hard.

Please notice when you are happy.

I think I'm going to go hit the Wallace & Gromit movie today... it looks crackin' good.

I'm still a little sleepy... I might go back to bedski after I switch the phones over to ECN.

Good Morning, Newt!


Testing time-lapse NewtCAM. may be a high-speed day's overview later.

NewtCAM, the Movie

teensy preview test run

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Crazy man Michael
He wanders I'm told
And he talks through
The night and the day-o
But his eyes they are sane
And his speech is plain
But he longs to be far away-o

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7798 - palm post 6.21p-10/08/05

Wallace & Gromit didn't disappoint... it was excellent, and wasn't watered down at all. Lots forany age to enjoy, plus a number of fine nods to classic horror films to boot. Plenty of laugh out loud moments, and the opening feature with the Madagascar penguins was also excellent. The kids at the show had a great time, and there were no screaming babies or annoying cell phones.

Aside from that, walkies were composed of roaming the Aventura mall and people-watching. There is a huge population of cuties, elders, kids and tourists to eyeball, not to mention punks, thugs, goths and other pseudo-fashion trendies.

It was nice to sleep in and then go out and about mostly undisturbed.

Thought about dying a colored streak in my hair for halloween... gray, and when asked about it at work, just claiming "what I saw... I can never tell... anyone. ever." and then shuddering, saying no more.

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Priest revealing how to destroy the were-rabbit.

Fountain in the mall, shot from the 2nd floor