November 1st, 2005

Hit the road

7879 - Allen Brothers also do the Jakewalk Blues

Ugh... warm again. No A/C, and sweat was rolling off of me in rivulets for a chunk of the evening. Thankfully, it cooled down as the night progressed. I swung by the flo for a nice big plate of french toast for supper, and enjoyed the dance of crossing three streets with no lights in getting home.

No trick-or-treaters, given the downed power areas / rain / curfew / lack of kidlets living in my neck of the woods. So, I have a nice sized bag of caramel creams to bring to the BSO today. This will probably be my last day off-site, as they expect power back to my office by 5pm. We'll see if phones and water activate, too, but I suspect that it'll all come up at the same time.

I'll miss the BSO... we watched The Day The Earth Stood Still on the giant monitor yesterday. Cafeteria food gratis and laid back officemates. I'm enjoying it while I've got it.

7pm condo interview with Joyce at the clubhouse... she sounds nice on the phone.

Costumes seen yesterday that walked past the flo - A bevy of witches, (Wicked West style, big pointy hats, long black shawls) a guy in a suit & rubber GWB mask, and a few hippies (one in a punkinhead mask).

Moment of Lyric: RealAudio or Streaming - via honking duck (I think firpo will especially dig the site)

Come 'ere Mama what's on your mind
Daddy wants to love you but you won't give time
Ain't nuthin' but a salty dog, no salty dog
Ha ha ha ha ha hey hey hey