November 14th, 2005

Kind lady

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GeotargetI could go for a moon cake. I missed the Moon Festival about a month or two back. I may start visiting the Morikami more often again, now that I'll be a bit closer.

Thought I saw Pam M. yesterday, but I don't think it was her. Hard to say, since it's been a decade or so... but I don't think that she's the type to ever wear tank tops and shorts in public... but who knows? A lot can happen to a person in twelve-ish years. If it had been her, I'd have liked to say hello, and have my curiosity satisfied a bit. I wonder if moving closer to the Boca area will cause me to stumble across more folks from the past? The D's are in Georgia now, and who can say where much of the rest of that crew has toddled off to.

Well, I've watched the Doom Patrol/ BoE episodes of Teen Titans.. I think they did a decent job. The Brain was a little Dalek-y, but that's reasonable. What I wasn't expecting was a regular voice for Cliff, or the Steven Wright dry blandness of Larry. Rita was fine, and Mento was the mostly-jerk as I recall him to be. I think that Cliff's voice as a normal gruff guy was better than a robo-sounding one. Made him a bit more human. I wonder if the Chief will show up later on?

Doing what I can to prevent world and local politics from getting me down. It's hard. I thought the lesser of two evils was bad, four elections ago, and it's only getting worse every time. I've heard from people that blindly follow Hillary Clinton, just because she's a woman and a democrat. I've never seen her give a good speech...I'd have thought a lawyer would have some solid public speaking skills. She does not inspire trust. She's not a credible military leader, and I don't see her pulling troops out of Iraq anytime soon, regardless. I think that she could win an election in '08, but it would be for the wrong reasons... and liberal dems would get mighty pissed, once the dust settled.

I feel that a woman or a black person could become president. (I think a military background for either would make it easier for the American Public to accept them)

I'm sure in my heart of hearts that a publicly self-proclaimed gay or atheist could not possibly win the office at this point in time.

I'm rambling. It doesn't matter who gets elected, the giant iguanas that actually run this country wouldn't let a prez implement any real change anyhow.

Hm, fairly well-balanced, I guess. Fun/Family/Health. Though I put a high value on love. Collapse )