November 19th, 2005

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7938 - Rain, Rain, you don't have to go away, just be gentle!

GeotargetFound out the my last living Grandmother (Momster's Momster) is in hospice now. She's deteriorated quite rapidly, and they don't know if it'll be two months or two weeks. She's not in any pain, and seems to be at peace. Her lucidity is variable.. she was sounding good last week, and recognized her son and granddaughter... she gets her hair and nails done, and appears to enjoy that.

Not moving *all the way* in today, just getting the bulk of stuff over. Mr. N and I will remain at the old place for another week while the bathroom gets finished...I'd rather kick back ion a realm with running water and a potty. So, I'm going to have to put Newt in bathroom lockup while the truck gets loaded...he's not going to be too keen on that, but the boy'll cope. I like the idea of sliding into the new place gently.


Tropical Storm Gamma... it's following Wilma's track. hopefully it'll ease up before it gets worse. Nice Thanksgiving gift! The upside... not nearly as much loose stuff to blow around this time!

Fortunately Sandrino says "Its only a tropical storm and it will be moving very fast. I wouldn't worry too much. It's not going to ge in the Gulf of Mexico and even if, the ocean is not as hot as it was four weeks ago. Relax."