November 22nd, 2005

The Sky's the limit

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GeotargetHm... Lj hasn't been sending me replies since they moved the server. The Lj-mooks are blaming yahoo and gmail, but I suspect the issue is on the lj-side like it was the last couple of times over the years.

Weather is supposed to drop down to the 50s tonight.Ol' Newtie boy will likely duck under the covers and play at looking like a nun in a wimple rather than a poofed-out chilly-cat. Lucky for him that I'm a human space-heater. Waves of warm-scottoness keep him toasty, but he may complain a bit when I get out of bed before he is ready.

Got Liz trained in how to do sex pred alerts, but I'll be surprised if I see her last into 2006 at the org. Weird vibe at work yesterday, and folks were a bit skittish. VS wasn't looking that happy, despite the fact that she had the most successful fund raiser for the org *ever* on Friday night.

I dreamt that both of my feet were broken and that they had to be amputated. Let's not be prophetic on this one, ok? I really don't want any useful or fun pieces of me cut off, if it can be helped.

7942 livejournal entries. Yeesh.
I won't bother doing comments:Posted: 46,708 - Received: 43,779

Just repeat the above image 6ish times for each.