November 25th, 2005

Kind lady

7948 - last entry from my old place

GeotargetMeal with Momster, Wilt, Rosmary and Yizzy went well... unfortunately bro could not come with us. I ate to bursting, and napped for an hour when I got home. After the nap, I procrastinated for a bit, by surfing the net on borrowed wireless and gave big snuggies to the newtster rather than stack boxes right away. at about 7 I went to final packing proper,and once I hear form Danny, I'll know when we'll be picking up the truck and trying move #2 in earnest.

Rosemary (Wilt's sis) is pretty cool, my first meeting with her. Yizzy is ok, a bit on the cheapskate side.

Bro was baker acted yesterday, after meeting the psych. He's now in a ward without a phone, but they can bring one to him. He tried to check out with his injuries and they made him stick around.

Apparently, some local "friends" have his stuff, even though he is supposed to be out of Hollywood. I suspect that he's totally back to where he was before, and is ashamed to tell me. All I really want is for him to be healthy, but even that seems to be a bit of a stretch.

[update- he was released on his own about 10am this morning]