December 22nd, 2005

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8032 - Cool Yule Day of Winter2!

GeotargetNewt is a master of stealth. I'll call him a fuzzy little shadow-slicer.

Kev's coming by after work today to see the place, kick Newtie-bear around, exchange prezzies, and hang about.

Blackbird's head on a raven's torso. It's subtle.

Newton's got eyes like two slitted, amber fists when focused on stalking the crinkly stuffed flea of doom.

He sings...
I'm bad ju-ju,
I use voodoo if I choose to,
I'll harness the powers of evil to abuse you!
which reminds me... The mighty Boosh strikes again!

The Tundra rap:


The whiteness of the whale
Pales in comparison
Oh my god!
Who the hell are you?

I’m little Johnny Frostbite moving around
Freezin’ you up freezing you down
Like an icicle
Comin’ in your tent like a cold night scissor bite
Arctic death
Infinite night

They call me tundra boy because
I move like an arctic lizard
When the Blizzard strikes
I disappear like a pipe dream
All that’s left is the gleam
On the tent peg

Boosh, Boosh, Stronger than a moose
Don’t lock your doors or we’ll come through your roof top
Stop look around take your mind off the floor
Because The Boosh is loose and we’re a little bit RAW!

Ice, floe, nowhere to go
Ice floe, nowhere to go
Lost in the blinding whiteness of the tundraaaaaaa!

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sleestak idol (Enlightenment)

8033 - google keeps bringing folks in.

GeotargetAHOL found my entry about his sticker (most likely via a google vanity search) ... it seems that a lot of sticker/graffiti artists swing by. I really dig it when folks float in from the past and say hello.

I wonder how much stuff I'm going to find on my new footpaths?

Aquarius: Your key phrase is "I know." You not only embody "knowledge," you also just "know" a lot of people. You feel most alive and secure surrounded by allies who share a common cause. You expend much energy socializing, but not enough on getting to know yourself. Resolve to get comfortable with solitude. Friends come and go, but you always have yourself. (see other sun sign resolutions here)

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