January 8th, 2006

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8092 - Time to row the ocean, I think.

GeotargetLetterman 1 - O'Reilly 0

"I have the feeling that 60% of what you say is crap..." and with that Dave Letterman captured the essence of what is Bill O'Reilly. (via onegoodmove thanks firpo for putting me on to that site)

Letterman gets in quite a few good shots in the video.

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What am I envisioning right now?

Wavy Lines


Moment of Lyric (swf video)

Lying in the corner of a room with a stick in my hand
I'm pointing my stick at a far away land
My stick it has no leaves it grieves me to say
I'm gonna find a new stick then I'll be, I'll be on my way

I want to row you across the ocean so blue
Till we find the man
Who kissed all the women in Japan

Old women with no face trying to call out my name
Screaming she's just been stabbed by a
Chargrilled accountant from Spain
Would you like to dance with me
She whispers from three miles away
We could dance the tango the I'll be,
Oh I will be on my way

I want to row you across the ocean so blue
Until we find the man
Who drowned all the children in Iran

Which Clue character are you?

I wonder how many people in the world worship the moon... actively pray and give offerings?

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Kind of odd to think of someone else wandering around downtown Fort Lauderdale, and noting that was where I took pictures.. this sort of thing makes me wonder how often I come up in conversation amongst folks I've never met in person?

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8093 - bike-about and the Hoff quiz

GeotargetUnsurprisingly, bro bailed on us getting together today, but I was still determined bike around the region, heading north this time.

I walked my bike to the gas station on 10th & federal, aired up the long-flat tires, rode east to the beach, north on a1a to palmetto park, went west to federal, and then south to 10th. a nice, scenic circuit, but I was too busy enjoying the ride in the cool weather to take many pics. 14.4 miles, total route (I doubled back a few time s to check the bike shop, and rode up Dixie to see what was new. I picked up some cool stuff at the art store which was having an insane blowout sale... one of those foot-tall wooden manikins for drawing bodies for $4, a thick pad full of 12 x 18" newsprint paper for doodling on for $0.75, and a couple of graphite pencils for a buck. it was all 20% off those prices, too, so I got a lot of fun loot for less than what lunch would've cost me out. I wonder if Newt'll mangle the wooden guy... the manikin is similar to the wooden Christmas tree ornaments that Newt loves to smack around.

Geotarget3602 calories burned if I was walking... I wonder what that translates to in cycling? Probably not nearly as much.

Here's my route 14.4 miles, give or take.

bike-about Sunday morning
Wings place - still hasn't repaired the impaled sign since Wilma.

bike-about Sunday morning
Island Water Sports - Contrary to the prior image, they wanted a giant shark head first in the roof. By the way, on the inside, there is a giant shark head coming through the ceiling, too.

bike-about Sunday morning
I *think* that this is the Boca chamber of commerce, but I'm not sure. I really like the curvy divot on the side, slicing some of the windows.

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