January 15th, 2006

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8114 - Sunday Dawns and I'm already awake.

GeotargetThe nudge feature is mostly pointless, I think. You could accomplish the the same thing handily with an e-mail or comment in their journal. I hope that they continue to implement other more groovy features. I do confess that it's interesting to see when some of the more tardy people have last posted... I'm more likely to just drop someone that hasn't posted in about three months. (unless they're a very special circumstance)

I've found that I have another superpower: the ability to make RS have to go pee. If we get into a discussion about anything for more than a minute or three, she has to rush off to the potty, do her business and come back when done. This has been documented at least a dozen times, and she's able to stay at her desk for hours on end.

Last night's dream involved me being strapped to a table with electrodes bolted to my ankles. When they ran current through them, all of my skin began to peel like a bad sunburn and underneath the fresh skin was a dark, mossy green. Somehow I knew that the treatments were causing a strange growth of all my internal flora... whatever else touched the new skin (like a a scalpel) it burned and was turned quickly to vapor. I don't recall any smells. They finally figured out that shark's teeth could touch the new skin without burning up, so they incised and pulled out the rock that was making the bad plant-reaction in my body. I was healed, and buried the rock in the ground of an empty lot, hoping it would help jump start a fresh garden there.

It's hard to chop down a tree with a saw made of shark's teeth.

No Dice going out with Dave or Dave last night... Today it's going to be more solo journeys, methinks.

Moment of Lyric:

Me and your sister
Went by the river
Your sister jump in the water
I jump in after
I'll never forget,
Everything was set
But I didn't get
She Tell me yes
She Tell me no
She tell me nonononono.

Just check out this website.

panda fire
This picture makes more sense than most management decisions I've seen in my entire working lifetime.

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scotto monkeypulse

8115 - Robert says Andromeda Strain, I'm more for Night of the Living Dead

GeotargetHey, the Stardust probe made it back! (thanks photocentricRobert!)

Reuters ArticleCollapse )

The mission marks the first time since 1972 that any extraterrestrial solid material has been collected and brought back to Earth.

Stardust's mother ship,which severed the umbilical cables between it and the capsule late on Saturday, returned to orbit around the sun and may be used in future missions to study planets, asteroids or comets.