January 17th, 2006

Not Safe!

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GeotargetGroggy, foggy head this morning. Can't seem to shake off the stupids.

Bro's rolling in big dollars lately. I suspect he's up to more than pressure cleaning, but don't know for sure. He did sound clear and solid on the phone last night.

Video found on a search for Iguana and "scream like a girl" - Of course it's some wacky asian game show.

club scene
Florida Homeless Beating Caught on Videotape.Collapse )

Sand game, now with stickmen to torment. ( prefer the stickman-free version more, though.)

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authorities are alert here

8122 - update on that article.

GeotargetThird suspect arrested in attacks on homeless

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All of this stuff took place a few blocks from where I was living 2 months ago, and where my brother was living homeless, up to about 4 months ago. Premeditated Murder? I think trying them as adults is just fine, thanks. I see a lot of red when I think of someone preying on the mentally ill or just plain down on their luck. However, I see what happened as inevitable... the homeless population in Fort Lauderdale is *everywhere*. When I lived there, I was solicited for money on an average of every three blocks, and the sickly, drunken begging went from polite to too-close-for-comfort a few times.
ill-tempered man lives here

8123 - Beware the Ghost who walks


NEW DELHI (Reuters) - An Indian man who was believed dead caused panic when he returned, causing villagers to think he had come back as a ghost, the Times of India reported Monday.

Children screamed "Ghost! Ghost!" and villagers locked their doors when Raju Raghuvanshi returned from jail earlier this month to his village in Mandla district in the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

Raghuvanshi's brothers, who had shaved their heads to mourn his death in line with Hindu tradition, fled when he appeared, the paper reported.

Villagers and family members have ostracized him, forcing Raghuvanshi to file a complaint with local police. The village council has demanded he prove he is not a ghost, but the paper did not say what kind of proof the elders wanted.

Raghuvanshi's troubles arose after he was jailed last year. In prison, he was admitted to hospital with a stomach ailment from which he recovered but a distant relative told his family he had died.