January 29th, 2006


8151 - Woof!

GeotargetJames Lipton on Conan Reciting PopoZao

More about Cargo Cults.

Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai (may you have wealth and prosper)! - and so begins another year of the dog.

I am an Earth Monkey, while Newt is an Earth Rabbit. (I suspect we have grown hair to match our signs.)

Find your own sign at chinese.astrology.com

Ice Skating Monkeys!! (via beaucoupkevin)

Hobophobe was accepted as a term at the pseudodictionary. (thanks for the tip, photocentricRobert!)

The cleaning lady did an *awesome* job on my place yesterday, and didn't mind at all that I wanted the floors cleaned with vinegar to protect the tile (and Newt's possible tongue). I'm trying to decide how often to have her back. I'm leaning to about every three weeks right now.

Talked to CompUSA corporate, and the BS of the week is that they has to resubmit the request and failure report, and it should be shipping out on Monday, and it arriving on Wednesday or Thursday. My response was a request for an overnight like last time, because I would like to see my computer back before a quarter of a year passes from the time when I dropped it off. Rick said that he'll do his best to get them to do that, and I also requested that he get a tracking number so we can find out where the devil it's going. I know I live in the vicinity of the Bermuda triangle, but honestly, now.

I can and will warn any who ask about CompUSA's continued failure to succeed in this regard. I would really like to have it up and running before my birthday.

Let's see, the silver lining of having the computer packed up is more walkabouts (lending much to my current rubicund complexion as late) , got my apartment unpacked and clean and springtime fresh, now!

In news of the awesome, however: Zombie Astronaut is back and has five BBC airings / narrated by Christopher Lee - Listen to Christopher Lee's Fireside Tales

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters... So, Superman's a Methodist, eh? No mention of being a lapsed Raoist?

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