February 3rd, 2006

scotto monkeypulse

8161 - Friday, what to do?

Called CompUSA last night around 4pm, and the voice mail is full. do they not ever check it?

Called the manager, Jackie, and said a tech would call me back once finished with a customer. I requested an eta, and she said "a half hour, tops.

I called back 2 hours later after no call came in. I spoke to Steve, who said that he'll call and find out the problem, and for me to call him at noon tomorrow if I haven't heard back from him yet. Let's see what the excuse is this time.

As assumed, no Danny today, so plan B - walkabout. Treat myself to good times. Chinese Buffet for lunch, maybe CJ's for dinner. Work out. Wander someplace I've never been before. I think I'm going to pass on the spa, unless I stumble across it in my journeys.

FP will take place tomorrow with Kev and Tomi, maybe Brad?

Kind of Neato - you can track your logins to LJ.

Brokeback to the Future (youtube video) Proof that you can put subtext anywhere.

How to mess with coke machines - google video more info here or full documentation here

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