February 4th, 2006

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8162 - mmm zombie roaches!

From The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation: (via flying_blind)
"Even though a goat ate my arm, thanks to the CGTF I've been able to stop hiding behind drugs and alcohol and face the world again. I'd recommend the CGTF to anyone!"

-- Sean C., Centreville, VA

Sleepless in Seattle (stalker remix)

Evolution Schmevolution - Daily Show on Youtube

Wasp performs roach-brain-surgery to make zombie slave-roaches Collapse )

I've realized that Deerfield has replaced Fort Lauderdale's Homeless and Junkie population with Iguanas and Butterflies. Every day I'm out and about, I see wildlife rather than being approached for a handout or worse. I'm glad of that. It's amazing what a difference fifteen miles can make. Riding the bike is actually a realistic option, and if I want to check out the more urban decay, I'm able to get to it quickly.

Heavy-duty rains early this morning. I hope I can get to the train station without getting soaked! I'll be taking my trusty, rusty waterproof GPS with me to see how well it tracks my movement. I really ought to download some more detailed local maps for it.

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