February 6th, 2006

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8165 - Monday, here again. 5 day week ahead.

Kind of funny, Hav chit-chatted with Kev about the FP, and mentioned Die Hard to him before I even had a chance to do so. Hopefully we can get together more often, now that I'm a bit more north.

Woo. Chilly out this morning! 40s Fahrenheit. No wonder Newt was under the covers with me!

Best Buy wall numbers explained.

Totally Absurd Inventions - Featuring Real, USA Patented Inventions - Updated Weekly

I rather dig the flying turtle safety suit.

Today, I get to explain to everyone again that I didn't watch the Super Bowl.

Moment of Lyric: mp3

I'm not content to be with you in the daytime
Girl I want to be with you all of the time
The only time I feel alright is by your side
Girl I want to be with you all of the time
All day and all of the night
All day and all of the night
All day and all of the night

Collapse )

South Park 912 Trapped in the Closet (feat. Tom Cruise and Scientology) - Note, No Chef in the Episode... Isaac Hayes is a Scientologist. Pretty cool that youtube dropped the watermark from the movies stored there. Now folks can watch the Hoff unimpeded.

There is a difference between knowing that things are not divided into black and white, and knowing that they can be divided into right and wrong.

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