February 8th, 2006

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Hard to believe it's been a year since Mel and I were together. it doesn't seem that long ago. Breaking up right before Vallie's Day is a pretty stark reminder.

Newt is being a good kid, and is playing fetch with me, using his krackle-bug. He always knows when to pay extra attention. I'm very fortunate that he's such a sweet little monkey.

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3D Painted Rooms

These rooms are painted so that, when looked at right, optical illusions will appear. Very keen. (via jwz)

[edit - videos by the artist here - http://www.varini.org/05vid/vid01.html ]

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scotto piercing gaze superhero

Voice Post: Fogwalking

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“The weather this morning is awesome, it's kind of a thick, wet fog. It's, the water droplets are sort of hanging in suspension in the air. You can see them under the street lights or in the beam of a car's headlights that go by - just kind of spinning around - as I walk through it, it's not really raining...but I feel little pinpricks of moisture kind of touching as I roam through this stuff. I can see little water-spheres stuck to my, you know, the hair on my arms... I'm sure the same is going on with my beard. I feel like one of those 'hot springs in the snow' monkeys they have overseas, I'll try to find a picture and post it if no one knows what I'm talking about. But it's just a nice morning! I kind of regret having to go into work - I'd rather just kinda putter and roam, just kinda take it easy, but I suppose that's what the evenings and theweekends are for. Think maybe I'll call in a sick day tomorrow or the day after... just kinda round out the week. This'll mark the first 5-day week that I've had for a little while-- but y'know times change,-- who knows what will happen? Have good day dear journal, and I'll talk to you soon. bye.”

Transcribed by: scottobear
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Culinary: Spicy, Fried foods Crispy orange or General Tso's Tofu especially. I could probably eat it 5 times a week and not get sick of it. stir-fry is another one, with lots of zip
Literary: Terry Pratchett books They're fun, goofy popcorn books, a keeno backdrop, and a wide variety of characters (I'm partial to Stories about the Watch or the Witches, m'self, but Death, rincewind and the wizards are entertaining, too.)- there's about 30ish of 'em. I can only name one that didn't do anything for me at all, the rest are all at least a 6/10 or better.
Audiovisual: Red Dwarf Dark humor, humor-humor, excellent characters, fantastic background, and layouts. Plus, the word "smeg" as a curse word.
Musical: Boingy, nasally stuff. They Might Be Giants, B-52's, Talking Heads, Soul Coughing, Magical Trevor/scampi. fun, but a lot of folks just don't get it. Like what I liek to read or watch, I'm for stuff with double or triple meanings, dark humor and/or silliness, or references to things that don't normally get talked about.
Celebrity: I'm not a big celeb-follower. If I had to pick anything, I'm entertained how folks in the public eye can be removed from reality so completely. See: Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Howard Hughes, or any other person so surrounded by yes men and have so much money that they can create a fantasy world where the rules change. come to think of it, I'm pretty entertained when folks do that, even if they don't have the benefit of wealth or fame.

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