February 19th, 2006

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8193 - Fruitful day yesterday

Picked up an ATI 9550 (the AGP version of the 9250... I initially got the PCI card, because I confused the motherboard for the one that used to be in frankenbox's case before.


I can now get into second life (albeit in a less smooth way than before), and Newtcam has a more permanent broadcast location. I was delighted to see Herm all too briefly in 2L, but my bad big brain mojo spread to her system, and her network pooped out shortly after a the first visit with me since before thanksgiving. Fun seeing the world resolve form super low to super high detail. Fortunately, HP made it back shortly afterward.

via The Timeless Pin-Up Girls Gallery

The Harold Lloyd Collection- Limited edition fine-art prints include Marilyn Monroe,Harold Lloyd's World Photography, production stills from Lloyd's film career, and pinup photos from the 1950s including never-before-seen Bettie Page.


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