February 20th, 2006

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8194 - Miso, Miso, Asian prince in the land of soup!

sirenity's rainbow pigeon sighting (more on rainbow pigeons)

Dr Who and the Dogs of Doom!

Hey, a Firefly/Serenity ornament! - not a bad nerd thing to get for kev, maybe, seeing as he has a bunch of the star trek/star wars ones for the tree already.

Post-walkies really wore me out yesterday... when I got back home, I had a little nap - which turned into a 5-hour long torpor. After I woke up, I did some errands, came back home again, and crashed hard, again, for another 5 hours... only to hit the sack early, in the hopes of fully charging my very drained batteries. Perhaps I'm getting sick? I don't't feel ill, just weary.

I'm feeling well-rested now, but how will I be doing in 2 hours, into the droning, moaning, Monday morning meeting of Doo-OO-oom?

I wonder how many people in the USA actually get President's Day off... is it more or less than Martin Luther King Day? Unless you're a bank or government office, I suspect the workplace is active .

I dreamt that I was watching an episode of Lost, and thinking it was really boring.. Until it turned out that Ed Asner was going to be a new character on the show, and he was a master of Kung Fu, (hanks to CGI, I guess...)The season finale of the show had a large incident killing off most of the major characters, and let the counter go down to zero, prompting the launch of the island into space. It's still a tropical island, but it has a huge transparent dome over the top for outside shots, sort of like silent running.

Somehow, I didn't remember that "Lost: in Space" was already a show... and one that I liked a lot, to boot.

The show went from being live-action to a cartoon in a fairly modern style, narrated by Asner and followed the Quantum Leap / LIS pattern of "We encounter weird situations, must fix them for the Dharma Agency, while trying to communicate with the psychic kid to guide them home." I was thinking that all of the leads that were killed probably left the show at that point.

I was both saddened and relieved that it was just a dream when I woke up this morning. I'm really all for a dramatic/weird version of Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space.(mp3) Maybe toss in a few musical numbers, some toon-babes, a lovable coward, a muscle head and a speech impeded, yet talking version of Vincent will make things complete.

hm. Maybe I'm more under the weather than I thought. Classic Josie was a lot more fun, theme-wise.(mp3)

nicked from eryx_uk, who got it from squarerootofpi

Oh, and TAG, you have to do this.
1. screen name: scottobear
2. birthday: February 2, 1969.
3. place of residence: Deerfield Beach, Fl, USA, Terra, Sol System, Milky Way. (Green Lantern Sector 2814)
4. what makes you happy: Newton, Learning new things, being helpful, seeing karmic enforcement, knowing that there are good people in the world.
5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last: recently, a lot of music videos at youtube.com - seeking bands at random. Mostly Bjork, soul Coughing and B-52s.
6. do you read my lj: Yes. (I read both christin and eryx_uk's)
7. if you do, what is particularly good/bad about it: both stand out as snapshots of the world they live in. I'm curious to see where life takes 'em.
8. an interesting fact about you: Like Brewmeister Schmidt, I could crush your head like a nut. But I won't... because I need you.
9. are you in love/have a crush at the moment: I'd say that I'm developing feelings for someone, yes.
10. favorite place to be: Generally at home, with Newtster close at hand.
11. favorite lyric: How can I pick just one? at the moment -
I was once out strolling one very hot summer's day
When I thought I'd lay myself down to rest
in a big field of tall grass
I lay there in the sun and felt it caressing my face

And I fell asleep and dreamed
I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie
And that I was the star of the movie
This really blew my mind, the fact that me,
an overfed, long-haired leaping gnome
should be the star of a Hollywood movie

But there I was, I was taken to a place, the hall of the mountain kings
I stood high upon a mountain top, naked to the world
In front of every kind of girl, there was
black ones, round ones, big ones, crazy ones...

Out of the middle came a lady
She whispered in my ear something crazy
She said:

Spill the wine and take that pearl, Spill the wine and take that pearl
12. best time of the year: Autumn
13. weirdest food you like: food shaped like things that it isn't. (Animal Crackers, Pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse, Tofu disguised as a chicken nugget)
14. do farts make you laugh: It's all in the timing. Certainly sometimes, but usually not.

1. a film: Double Indemnity
2. a book: Dandelion Wine - Ray Bradbury
3. a band, a song and an album: (band) They Might Be Giants (a song) Soul Coughing - Circles (an album) Talking Heads -More songs about buildings and food

1. one thing you like about me: Eryx - Different perspectives, but agreeable regardless / Christin - Shown a lot of positive growth over the last 5 years
2. two things you like about yourself: I think that I've done a lot more good than I have bad, I'm helpful
3. put this in your lj so i can tell you what i think of you.
4. Optional: POST A PICTURE OF you: (see icon)

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1. How did you first get into gaming?

The classic D&D indoctrination. KPC had his brother's mini-set of Chainmail and the old Blue Book of Dungeons and Dragons... it was 5th grade, about 1980, give or take. Lots of monty-haul dungeoun crawling, and mass-combat the first year.

2. What is your favorite RPG or setting? Why?

I like good ol' Champions/GURPS in Mostly Modern Day-ish settings. Spies, superheroes, Horror... even a bit of a rewind to period pieces in the "real world with psychics/supernatural/superpowers/gadgets" works well, as wel as blended Genres - 1950 Atomic Horror, Old West Horror, Super Agents/Heroes. I think it's because I burned out on most conventional fantasy gaming... While I agree that most games are the journey, and not the destination, the "quest for the (ring/princess/disease cure" thing isn't my fave. I'm pretty easy going, and could happily play in a Sci-fi universe, altered fantasy (Ars magica or warhammer, for example), or just about any type of genre that isn't totally played out.

3. What game(s) are you currently running or playing?

Nothing at the moment. The last pencil and paper RPG I was in was Everway a few years back. (lasted until Sept 24, 2000, the start of my time with CEJ) Last Computer-based one was City of Heroes, about a year ago.

4. What is the longest time you have played the same character?

Hard to say... most of my groups alternated games, so we didn't play the same game every week. I'd have to guess that I got the most enjoyment from gaming with Graypumpkin and Kat during that span.  Seems like the FOCUS (sort of a Supergroup working for a large Govt' org) team lasted the longest, I played miniMAX, a shrinking/Growing gadgeteer. got a lot of time in on the Earth 2.1 (1963 DC heroes alternate universe) game too, I played a Hippie-ish Green Lantern.

5. How many gaming books do you own?

About 3 bookshelves full, mostly GURPS reference, and a lot of Misc.

6. How many conventions do you attend each year?

varies, used to be one or two, but this year and last I've not attended any for gaming, just to poke my nose in the dealer's room and bolt.

7. How many different "styles" (Tabletop, LARP, CCG, etc) of gaming have you done?

Tabletop Dice and non-dice, Card Games (collectable, and non), Board Games, PBEM, Dice Games,  Miniatures (Leads, Heroclix, Angriff, Ogre, Pirates, Zombies!, Car Wars), war games, word association, etc. You name it, and I've probably played it.