March 13th, 2006

Hit the road

8242 - Walkies on Sunday.

Walkabout on Sunday was good, I got more color, but think I dodged the burn bullet again. The ball cap let my nose still get a little red, however.

I walked to Mizner Park, just to check out the place, and it's fared for the worse. I used to live behind there, and liked it a lot... but now, there are no bookstores.. (liberties is gone!), the international museum of cartoon art has been gutted, and the two cool wacky-weirdo art stores have been absorbed by other type stuff. bleh.

I'd hoped to go to my old hangout, Beany's, for a veggie-cheese sammich with the vinaigrette that I love so well... but sadly, it was closed, but just for Sundays.

I abandoned Boca's blandness, and retreated to the bus stop (I was too bushed to walk for a bit), and rode back to Hillsboro... and then crossed over to the 94 and hit the Deerfield mall. I stopped off for a breather at the movies... caught "The Hills Have Eyes" and was surprised. It was better than I thought. (Make no mistake, it is about mutants killing people trapped in an out-of-the-way location, but it was done well for what it was.) Afterward, I stopped off at EB and picked up a copy of counterstrike:source on sale. I'm looking forward to playing multi with hav and kev once I polish my skills a bit.

Roaming area, (note, some was done by bus. I walked about another 8 miles.)

I made a lot of use of autostitch today, clicking on the pictures makes them larger, as usual.

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Shamrock Shakes are back! (and Matt's got a review that's great, as usual)

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