March 17th, 2006

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8250 - Happy St. Patty's!

BEIJING (Reuters) - Police in eastern China can tap the country's first human body odour bank to help their dogs get a nose for criminals, Xinhua news agency said. Collapse )

Taught Gabe how to use Nero and bittorrent yesterday, so he can snag tv shows and remix his music cds. I think he's pretty happy with the result. I also cleaned up his dirty whore of a computer (full of so many Trojans and viruses, it had to be seen to be believed). The system is slow, but pretty bulletproof now. No more spyware!

I was fed a tasty baked ziti and salad, and was given a white chocolate easter bunny to take home along with the remainder of the ziti pan. (They're having meaty-ziti tomorrow for dinner, while mine is all veggies)

The whole family is looking good... losing weight and happier now that RS is working from home, and able to keep a tighter reign on sirinety's health.

Stayed up too late.. got home about 10:30, past my personal weeknight curfew. (Thanks to my staying late at work, and missing the 5pm route to RS's)

Happy St. Patty's, All you Irish!
(And I think everyone is Irish today.)

Happy Saint Patty's!

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8251 - There's some snakes, and they're on a plane.

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Four jobs I've had:

Taco Viva Cook
City Library Cataloguer / Page
Child Advocate

Four movies I can watch over and over:

The Thin Man
Time Bandits
Planet of the Apes (old school)
12 monkeys

Four places I have lived:

Boston, MA
Alexandria, VA
Marathon Key, FL
Bangor, ME

Four TV shows I love to watch:

Red Dwarf
Kim Possible

Four places I have been on vacation:

Yucatan, Mexico
The Hospital (for my Back Surgery)
Walt Disney World
Bremen, Germany

Four of my favorite dishes:

General Tso's Tofu
Cinnamon Life Cereal
French Toast

Four websites I visit daily:


Four places I would rather be right now:

Home in bed.
soaking in a whirlpool
getting a backrub
playing with Newtski