March 25th, 2006

1 - time goes by

8265 - Saturday Morning porch-entry.

It's that time of day again, so Newt and I are on the outside (inside screens) while the condo gets a spruce-up.

Peek in on Newtcam if you want to see if there's any exciting mop-action on the tiles! (Or to see if you can spot Newt on the other side of the sliding glass door.)

newt stretching

Going to do some consulting work this afternoon for Caroline - I haven't done anything for her since she sold the pharmacy a year or two ago. It should be a nice visit, and with any luck, it'll pay for a new digital camera.

Resort Hotels of the Stratospheric Future! - Fascinating stuff...Hotels on flying zeppelins.

Nicely cool outside... Not a cloud in the sky, but a soft breeze and the slightest bite in the air. A good day for a little walkabout. A quick shower after Rosemary leaves, and I think a few hours out and about will do me a world of good. I've been shaking a lot of mental cobwebs loose this morning.

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