March 27th, 2006


8268 - Lesser v review, a minor political rant, walkabout.

walkabout 32606So, what did I think of V?

Well, on ts own it was entertaining enough. they could've cut some fat and added some meat... but it was acceptable when not viewed next to the source material. Hardly a masterpiece, but not a dud, either. Six of ten. Better than average, but not much.

As an adaptation, it missed the boat. I feel that it added a few elements, but Moore was right to ask his name off of the film. Despite over a decade and a half lag between reading and watching, the discrepancies were pretty glaring (especially the last third of the film).

That's all I really have to say about the movie off the top of my head.

As for revolution, I have my doubts about folks in a first-world country standing up en masse against a country's armed forces. Too many of us live within an "acceptable range of comfort", and as long as we can eat, sleep, have orgasms and watch TV under a climate-controlled roof.... most of us won't fight the system for fear of losing those things. We're too comfortable, too complacent, and too selfish to look at the bigger picture for the most part. Many of us speak out about issues. A few of us throw money or time into pet projects, but things don't really change. There won't be a revolution, because most of us won't be bothered to act until it is too late. Bread and Circuses, and all that.

example - less than a third of the USA's population is happy with the competencies of our president and staff... but he'll keep his job until the term expires. Laziness of at least 66% of the population is my only guess. What's worse is that I figure the next guy will be merely "almost as bad" or "well, he's better than what we had before". Mediocrity is the best we can hope for, it seems. I can be considered a cynic by some, but I'm not going to give up and just assume everyone who runs for office just sucks. We just have to change the rewards system... make it worthwhile to work in the interests of everyone, not just folks with money. If anyone works that out, let me know.

I'm no better than most... if it came down to it, I'm not laying down in front of a tank. If a revolution ever comes, I'm taking the cat and heading offsite.

Speaking of my dislike of authority figures abusing power at the cost of my liberty - I've had my living space invaded twice, and had a gun held to my head both times, by people who supposedly are there to serve and protect.

They serve and protect me by putting my life at risk, and invading my home.

To this day, there's a piece of my hindbrain that wants to kill every single one of those cops who pointed a gun at me because a non-violent junkie who shares my last name tried to steal a boat worth less than $5000. It tells me that they don't mind putting me in danger if it means they have the drop on a bad guy who is actively running away... or me, a person that answered the door politely, and met all of their requests. If you've never been held at gunpoint, I'm not sure I can explain what it's like to think that you could die at any moment - a sneeze, a twitch, some guy had an argument with his wife, whatever.

People make mistakes at work. I'm positive that I make a couple every day. I might even make a mistake someday that could (through my lack of getting to the person in time) contribute to the death of a child. But... I don't have a procedure in place that involves at least five gunmen to put an innocent in harm's way "just to be safe". Things need to change, but odds are that they won't. see above. Additionally, I suspect that most cops are like most politicians - start off trying to do some good. Unfortunately, to be a successful cop, you either have to be a jerk, have infinite patience with other jerks, or both. Unfortunately, to be a jerk is the path of least resistance.

I think that I'm a good person, and that my existence makes the world a little bit better place to be. I help others wherever I can. I try to do work that's constructive, to educate, and to be caring. I wonder how many people sit down, and reflect on their lives? It seems like most people coast most of the time.

newt and cam 072305

Newt Sez - enough of that ramble.

Regarding Walkabout-

I went back to Boca on walkabout on my second attempt to find uberbastard's buddy's comic store, Boca Comics.

I found it.

walkabout 32606

Sadly, despite the sign and website saying it's open... it's changing over to new management. And was closed. No Comic books for Scotto that day! That's ok... I have plenty at home.

walkabout 32606

Nonplussed, I walked to a park I used to hang out in back when I lived in Boca, years ago. The hurricanes or city ordinances cleared a lot of the trees. While roaming around, I spotted some goodies on a bench - A Nancy Drew book older than me (Publish date inside said 1966), and an adult bible study guide. Random Scotto factoid - I've read all of the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift and Nancy Drew mysteries published before 1980.

walkabout 32606

A backyard shot with colored carp. I *just* missed a huge soft shell turtle that lives in the lake, too. He was sunning himself by the bridge, but slid into the water and swam away before I could get in position.

walkabout 32606

I think I'll visit the tree zoo next weekend... and hopefully, I'll have a nicer camera by then, too. I'm due for a little techno-treat. I hope the weather holds out for a few more weeks.

Minor good deed, cleaned up the bus stop of all litter while waiting for the bus to arrive. I should remember to keep a grocery bag on me, in case of overfull trash cans.

Ah, Nertz. Monday meeting! Until later, dear journal!

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