March 30th, 2006

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8276 - What's that you say? No content? But surely links are worth something, dear journal.

Heard from Muslim Mona yesterday, for the first time in an age since she quit. I got the whole story from her, finally. She's 21, and was getting treatments for ovarian cancer. Looks like they got it in time.. monthly tests just in case. I've missed her. I'm glad that she's doing better and called me out of the blue to chitty chat.

Danny nominated for Teacher of the year again... I hope he gets it. He works very hard to do a superior job of teaching throughout the year. We probably won't get to hang out until easter time.

Graypumpkin and Kat may be in town a week and some from now... with any luck, we'll get together and hang out for a bit.

German lesson -

"Nicht schiessen" means "don't shoot"
"Nicht scheissen" means "don't shit"

Screencaps of Batman sound effect onomatopoeias

Bruce Wayne is Bruno Diaz in Spanish?

Zefrank's archived his video entries now.

Music of the moment (mp3)

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8277 - Where in the world is Scottobear's Livejournal?

I just updated the geocode location on my journal... it's a lot simpler to do now.

Now I just have to reapply it to Newtcam and my homepage proper.

Maybe if I get bored enough, I'll write a greasemonkey script and submit it to LJ to sort of automate it... but I know they're not too crazy about stuff messing with the console.

There's also a current location field now for updating via the web, but it seems to be unrelated. (Though that one will make carrying my gps around kind of neat for walkabout posts in the future, or location-encoding photos taken)

Play monkey! Play!

8278 - Monkey Florida Fire News, plus whalesong

Brush Fire Near Homes & Monkey Cages (video at the link)


(CBS4 News) SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE Firefighters are working to douse the flames of yet another South Florida brush fire.

This time, the flames are burning in Southwest Miami-Dade, near 163rd Avenue and SW 184th Street.

The fire is burning dangerously close to homes, vehicles and what appears to be some sort of facility with cages of monkeys.

The smoke is blowing over the monkey’s cages as crews rush to put out the fire before it spreads even larger.

Most of the fire appears to be smoldering and there are plenty of hot spots.


Mathematical analyses of humpback whale songs reveal complex grammatical rules!

Although the researchers say these songs don’t meet the linguistic rigor necessary for a true language, this is the first evidence that animals other than humans use a hierarchical structure of communication. Whales have also been found to sing in dialects.

During mating season, which lasts six months, all humpback males sing the same song to woo the ladies. Over time, the group’s song becomes progressively more complex, although researchers don’t know quite why.

Presumably, as one whale finds mating success by tinkering with the song style, the rest of the guys imitate it to better their chances, said study co-author Ryuji Suzuki, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute predoctoral fellow.