April 1st, 2006


8282 - festival of Hilaria

Well, I went and got a Nikon coolpix l2 (the 6 megapixel version)at office depot on sale.. got a 1 gig memory card to go with it. I'm no pro, so this should hold me for quite some time.

Sometime this weekend, I'm going to hit the tree zoo, or do some camera-safari-type action. not sure if I'll do it today or tomorrow, depending on which way the wind blows.

Camera also has a video making capability, see Newt Chase a paper wad here. (Kindly ignore the pile of socks visible at the end... I was preparing laundry piles when I got distracted and decided to play with Newt instead.

Please, no overly mean or dangerous April fool's jokes on or around me today. thanks. Instead, of me pranking other folks, have the Origin of April Fool's Day, via how stuff works, and wikipedia has a nice entry as well. Some Hoaxes taking place this year.

Coding4fun! - Randomly Opening CD Tray would drive me nuts.

My Scotto utility belt now contains a pda, a gps, a beeper, a cell phone, and a digital camera. Every one of them has a built in way to check what time it is. Why on earth would I want to wear a watch?

Moment of Lyric (mp3)

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Watch it now
The eagle in the sky
How he dancin’ one and only
You - lose yourself
No not for pity’s sake
There’s no real reason to be lonely
Be yourself
Give your free will a chance
You’ve got to want to succeed

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