April 4th, 2006

voodoo love

8285 - Hey! I'm wearing purple!

Dan mentioned that maybe Friday the 14th will be a good day to hang out after I get off of work (he's a teacher and will be enjoying spring break) ... we haven't done anything since January, so there's a lot of lost time to cover.

Axis and Allies is certainly on the list. Maybe go out and get an ethical massage, too.

Bug inspectors coming by the apartment today, and then a trip to the doc. Didn't get to sleep in, because my on-call tech had to wake me for verification of a launch in California at 6:30am (2:30 their time)

Ah well, I'll be able to take a midday nap as a treat, anyhow.

Had the blues a bit yesterday, but they've pretty much faded out for now. Probably a spring thing. I'm still a bit miffed about the unsolved mystery, but I'm just chalking it up to laziness for now.

Moment of Lyric: MP3 (many thanks again, Firpo!) [Hear more of them here]

There's something Graypumpkin won't hear on Bob!

Start wearing purple wearing purple
start wearing purple, for me now
all your sanity and wits, they will all vanish
I promise, it’s just a matter of time...
I know you since you were a twenty and i was twenty,
but thought that some years from now
a purple little little lady will be perfect
for dirty old and useless clown...
I know it all from Diogenes to Foucault
from Lozgechkin to Paspartu
I ja kljanus obostzav dva paltza
schto muzika poshla ot Zvukov Mu!...
So Fio-Fio-Fioletta! Etta! Va-va-va-vaja dama ti moja!
Eh podayte nam karetu, votetu, i mi poedem k ebenjam!
So yeah, start wearing purple wearing purple!
Start wearing purple for me now!
All your sanity and wits, they will all vanish,
I promise, it’s just a matter of time!...

Translation of the Russian portion: (via)

And I swear, having pissed on two fingers,
That the music originated in Sounds of Moo

So Violetta! My lady!
Hey, get ready a coach, this one,
We will go to nowhere.

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