April 5th, 2006

peace love happiness

8287 - Textures intrigue me.

The Zombie Horde Counterstrike mod is a lot of fun. Zombies with no ranged attacks that can only be hurt with a head shot on one side, soldiers that can't camp in zombie-free zones in the other. much fun.

A gold plated six story house in the shape of a pyramid.

Built by Mr. and Mrs. Onan, which made me laugh all the more. (We used to have a bird named Onan, because he was known for spilling his seed upon the ground.)

In my head during shower and shave this morning -

Welcome to my shop, let me cut your mop, let me shave your crop
Daintily, daintily
Hey you!
Don't look so perplexed, why must you be vexed, can't you see you're next
Yes you're next, you're so next
How about a nice close shave
Teach your whiskers to behave
Lots of lather lots of soap
Please hold still don't be a dope
Now we're ready for the scraping
There's no use to try escaping
Oh, wait until I get that rabbit
Yell & scream & rant & rave
It's no use you need a shave
(oh ouch ouch oh ouch oh oh ouch)
There, you're nice and clean
Although your face looks like it might have gone through a machine
What would you want with a rabbit
Can't you see that I'm much sweeter
I'm your little senorit-ar
You are my type of guy
Let me straighten your tie
And I shall dance for you

About time they made it this far south again!

They Might Be Giants at Revolution -

200 W Broward Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
Phone: 954-727-0950
Fax: 954-727-0949
Map to Venue: Google :: Yahoo!

The venue songs are pretty variable like most of their stuff... A lot more blatant sample and rhythm swipes.

Devo 2.0

Disney owns Devo... and has kids doing covers of the songs.... and now they're on tour. It's a Beautiful World.

I just have to laugh every time I see kids singing "jerkin' back and forth" or "whip it" for Mickey-Corp.

So long, Tom DeLay.

Bush said the Republican Party won't suffer from DeLay's decision to resign from Congress. "My own judgment is that our party will continue to succeed because we are the party of ideas."

Ok, I coughed a little soda-pop through my nose at that.

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