April 10th, 2006


8295 - And we're back. Again. Monday. Yes.

GP and Kat are in Florida for the next week or so, arrived Saturday sometime. May get together with 'em either tonight or tomorrow, if the stars are right. (They have a very demanding schedule when in town, and understandably so... both sets of parents live down here, and they want 'em as much as they can get 'em.), got to talk to GP yesterday on the phone for a while, and it was a fine time - mentions were made of the insanity of genius, and how people can breed for a longer period now, and family politics. (The youngest child will be the baby, even if they have children of their own. Interesting that both GP and Kat are both last-borns to older parents. My Folks had me when my dad was 23, and Mom was 21.)

(Though it seems other vacationers are Killer bees)

Wonderful rain today... classic Florida big drops in wind that causes it to fall at about a 45 degree angle. I'm glad my porch has enough of a roof overhang to stop things from getting soaked... nice to sit out there, soak up the ozone smell from the thunderstorm, and just soak up the sights and sounds around me. Not a bad time to do laundry... made everything smell sort of rainy-fresh that was hung up out back, though it took forever to dry.

Finally finished re-downloading Dr. Who 2005 season and the Christmas special; Burned the dvd. Hopefully, I'll remember to hand them off to GP and Kat. (and another set to Danny when I see him next week). They look even better in High Def.

Next series, HBO's Rome. I need to get that to a few people on my reading list.

More free fonts to fill up your computer with!

I'm kind of partial to ogrejuice and Deanna.

Perversely fascinating. Bad Talk radio.. mostly folks trying to update from the road. Some folks a little drunk... it's fun to her folks monologue in varying degrees of skill. Surprisingly, nobody singing. odd - some seem to be from quite a while ago... I guess it's based on when the journal was scraped. random dates from a week ago to two months ago. Spiffy to see user names in my mp3 player... gives me misc journals to eyeball if they seem interesting. via brad's journal

Listen to public LiveJournal voice posts, non-stop:


Enjoy, while it lasts. Brad may take it down if it takes up too much bandwidth.

This is not an official LiveJournal feature (yet?). This is all done on my brad's server, using public data,
as anybody else could.

Moment of Lyric - mp3 - via

Well, I'm running late.. suffice to say it's a nice 60's-ish electro-organ/harmony groovy/haunting sort of song. It's a good walkabout tune, especially when on one's own.

By the zestful zither of Zeus!
from an old Marvel Super heroes activity book - I colored it a bit, but just to clean up a photograph used as a scan. That's the original quote, looking weird in a square voice "balloon".

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