April 22nd, 2006

scotto monkeypulse

8315 - Saturday.

Meeting with the momster after Fatima cleans up the joint this morning. Maybe do lunch together and gab more about the current familial hubbub.

Another morning on the porch to come. I may need to get a box fan to put out there, before the summertime hits in full.

Moment of lyric (youtube video)

When I was surrounded by the world you were the only one who came
And you were the only one astounded who has kept me grounded
As the other girls thrashed my very name

Then I looked over just in time to see her smiling back at me
And saying everything's OK as long as you're inside my blue veins
Your blue veins

Yeah and the feeling that you gave me no matter what I do or where I go
It always will remain
And those who would enslave me to get to me must get past you and will have no luck
Cause you'll protect me from all pain (that's true, yeah, but)

The most beautiful, yeah the most beautiful thing cause anything else can't compare?
Must be the blood that's running through your blue veins
Your blue veins

Your blue veins

And I know you won't deceive me like the rest and there's nothing you need to explain
You always were the first one to believe me when I said to you girl
I think it's gonna rain
But I could be wrong

Yeah but all of these things all these things they're all truly nice
but ain't nothing ain't nothing compared to the love that's running through your little blue veins

Full day today. Possible trip to dentist, chores, mom visit, maybe dinner with the crew at W's if the timing works? Speaking of Dinner... I could stand a little breakfast. Time to forage. Until later, dear journal. As always, Newtcam should be live.


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scotto monkeypulse

8317 - plop, plop, flappity flap flap.

Another one to add to "reasons I wish I could copy images/sounds seen directly to paper with photo-realistic accuracy" list.

Sitting on the porch, daydreaming and idly stroking newton, I look at one of the palm trees trees by the lake. see a coconut drop, and for a split second notice that on top of the coconut, riding the 15 foot or so drop is a medium-small sized iguana... he leapt off before the brown, furry ball hit the water, and did a belly-flop of his own into the drink about a foot to the left of the fallen tree-fruit.

The twin splashes cause about a dozen ibis to launch up and out over the water.

I think I'm the only one who saw it... nobody down by the pool or walking around the lake from my vantage point, anyhow.. it was a visual treat, but all took place before I could even think of retrieving the camera from its pouch. Even Newt was oblivious, licking a pawGeotarget

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