April 23rd, 2006

scooter pie

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Autostitched pre-sunrise... spiffy orange clouds

Newt hanging out on the porch with me while we wait for a house cleaning.

Moment of lyric - youtube video

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"Ride on shooting star"
Chants a voice from my heart
Sometimes you don't want it
But it's always there

Well, seeing as my lj is rapidly approaching it's sixth year of pretty much daily posts... what sort of knowledge can I glean from it?

some analysis in the form of graphs.

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Regressive Imagery Analysis for scottobear's journal
Compared to: Everyone
What does this mean?
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remember these - google searching fo ropen directories with goodies in 'em.

Music -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” mp3 “Artist Name”

Movies -inurl:htm -inurl:html -inurl:php intitle:”index of” (mpg|mov|avi|wmv) “Movie Name”

I'm not crazy about the new vet that took over Newt's old doctor's practice. I get a distinct "push sales of stuff" vibe, and I'm not going to gamble his health on someone I don't trust implicitly.

Spent the rest of saturday researching closer, more trustworthy cat-docs. There are a ton in the area, so I'm confident that a good one will turn up.

Danny came by unexpectedly at 3:30pm.. I returned home at 4pm. Why he didn't call me on my cell phone to say he was in the area is beyond me.

MooTube.com, the first 24/7 inside look at the daily life of Texas Longhorn cattle. Visitors to the site will get an exclusive, bovine's-eye-view, as wireless cow-cams, attached to the Longhorns' collars, reveal the day-to-day intrigues of life on the range.

Cool page, but way too much idiot flash.

Earth Day Ecological footprint Quiz

 category acres 
 food  2.5
 mobility  0.5
 shelter  5.7
 goods/services  4.2
 total footprint  13

in comparison, the average ecological footprint in your country is 24 acres per person.
worldwide, there exist 4.5 biologically productive acres per person.
if everyone lived like you, we would need 2.9 planets.

The Mighty Heroes - I was really in love with cartoon as a kid.

"The Monsterizer"
One of the adventures of Rope Man, Strong Man, Diaper Man, Tornado Man and Cuckoo Man. In this installment, the Boris Karloff-like "Monsterizer" turns the city's prominent figures into monsters, and it's up to the bumbling Mighty Heroes to save the day!

"The Frog"
In this installment, they must defeat The Frog, who's flooded the city of Goodhaven in an attempt to steal cash.

Powers :
Well, they all can fly. That's handy.

Rope Man - Stretching, body of rope, later copied by the super globetrotters "Spaghetti man", Sailor
Strong Man - Very Strong, Can Fly, Clumsy Ox, Auto Mechanic
Diaper Man - Brains of the group, his bottle could be used as a throwing weapon, and the extremely elastic nipple at the top could be used to wrap the bottle around objects for retrieval or as a slingshot. The milk in it had rejuvenating properties, and was used to boost Strong Man's strength on more than one occasion.
Tornado Man - Turns into a human tornado. I don't recall him doing any big windy-power stuff.
To this day, I don't know what Cukoo Man's powers were (if any) outside of being able to fly, and knowledge of birds and/or timepieces.

If they ever learned to coordinate attacks, I never saw it happen.

Long, nosy quiz-meme via phillykat

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