May 2nd, 2006

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8333 - Only 1777 more posts until I hit 10000!

Upon yesterday's weighing, I've gained all the weight I lost on WW point plan back. no good. I've been eating poorly since October, and it was building up for a while before then. Time to go back to the plan, account for everything, and lose it again. This time, no going off plan.

Starting Today, I'm back to using the palmtop to monitor everything. This time, no sloughing off once the holidays roll by... Rather pesky that I'm starting from Square one again, but at least I know of a system that works for me.

catagoriz - a nice guide to web 2.0 apps.

I'm especially digging Alkemis.

Meanface is an ongoing experiment in which you draw and submit a face. Each face submitted counts towards the ever-evolving meanface.

Bro called again (at 11:30pm), to do an arrest lookup for him. Some guy on coke charges - looked rough in the mug shot. Bro first told me it was some girlfriend's dad, but then I saw the guy was born in '65. I asked how old his GF was, and he said 28... caught him in a lie there. He changed his story afterward - Next call I get from him after 10, I'm just going ot ask him to call me during more civil hours.

Stupid Math tricks

Can you count in ding-bong? Here's how:

1 one

2 two

3 three

4 four

5 ding

6 six

7 bong

8 eight

9 nine

10 ding-ding

11 eleven

12 ding-bong

13 thirteen

14 bong-bong

15 ding-ding-ding

16 sixteen

17 ding-ding-bong

18 eighteen

19 ding-bong-bong

20 d-d-d-d

21 b-b-b

22 d-d-d-b

23 twenty-three

24 d-d-b-b

25 d-d-d-d-d

26 d-b-b-b

27 d-d-d-d-b

28 b-b-b-b

29 d-d-d-b-b

30 d-d-d-d-d-d

From number 24 and over, all numbers
are combinations of dings and/or bongs.

Tales to Astonish! (the streaming radio alone is worth the price of admission.)

Bro called Sunday night too, by the way - claimed he was in Miami, but on researching his phone number, it originated out of Hollywood. it may just be his local phone, payable by the minute.. I'll hope for the best with him.

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