May 7th, 2006

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8344 - Sunday, a day of rest?

I may be getting a touch sick... serious fatigue yesterday - 4x45 minute naps, and was still beat... mild hot flashes. I couldn't be bothered to leave the house at all, so no free comic books, Morikami or air show memories for me.

Still a bit weary this morning.

Did you know that if you have a picture on flickr, make it private and then public again, all the favorites attached to it fall off?

I found the security video feed to a store up the street from me. (It only seems to go live outside of business hours)

Kids in the Hall - Dawn of the Dead.

Yup, this sums it up pretty well. "We're safe, but for how long?"

70 free Streaming video channels,all on one page.(warning for folks with kiddies, there are some 18+ only channels on there, too)

Nice cluster of channels from 18-22 when I tuned in, I hit - vintage superman cartoons, Gamera, an episode of Gunsmoke, some Italian horror and a Lou Costello bit.

Moment of lyric - mp3

Cut the fat off the back of a baboon
Boil it down to a pound into the spoon
Scoop the eye from a fly flying backwards
Take the jaws and the paws off a 'coon
Take your time, I ain't lyin' for good cookin'
Cause the rest of this mess ain't good lookin'
Take the fleas from the knees of a demon
Tell your pals and gals and come screamin'
To the feast with the beast of the Mau Maus
They make wine from the spine of their bulldogs
They dance and romance for 90 days
It's a test for the best for who stays
at the feast with the beast of the Mau Maus

Brush your teeth with a piece of a goose toenail
After death steal a breath of a drunk in jail
Pull the skin off your friend with a razor blade
And tonight change tomorrow and bring back yesterday
Shake your hip, bite your lip, and shoot your mother-in-law
Put on your gorilla suit, drink some elbow soup and have a ball
Get it straight, don't be late, it's time for mad fun
Take off your shoes, and cook onion stew
They have really begun!

Feast of the Mau Maus has begun
At the feast with the beast of the Mau Maus
They make wine from the spine of their bulldogs
they dance and romance for 90 days
It's a best of a test for who stays
And a feast with the beast of the Mau Maus
Yes, we'll have a good time.
C'mon and have a good time. *snort-laugh*

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Star Trek Cribs - The Director's Cut

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