May 8th, 2006

scotto monkeypulse

8345 - My brain feels the size and disposition of 5th century Mongolia.

Sleep brings colors to my mind that mean nothing to the human eye.

Minor confession - When I log into multi-player shooters, If I wish to be the antagonist of the other players, I have an ID known as "Chapeau Noir", and I type messages in a pseudo-French accent.

"AW-haw haw! Zee worm has turn-ed, has it not, monsieur?" Otherwise, If I'm playing but not looking to antagonize anti-frenchies, I'm just plain ol' Scotto or Scottobear.

Woke up from sleep, and had a weird feeling that I was isolated...and that there was a hurricane coming. I was feeling a bit more panic that I do when a Hurricane is *really* coming. It passed a short time after I started the shower... very little trepidation now, though if I didn't have the doc's appointment later in the day, I probably would've called in sick to work. Since the office is right up the street, I'll see how I do this morning. Still having some hot flashes, but no stuffy nose/cough or whatnot sort of symptoms.

I wonder if it's a side effect of reading - Sketches of a catastrophe - Miami Herald's Hurricane info.

  • Your best bet: Plan for the worst
  • When will we see the next Andrew? Data can confuse
  • Electricity and other utilities
  • Storm surge
  • Wind damage
  • Inland flooding

  • My biggest concern is a lack of clean water and electricity for *months* should a bad one hit. I can stock up on food, and I feel that my building is pretty sturdy.

    Battle of the Beasts seems quite poignant, but maybe that's the fever talking. (hosted by sa - may be some not-so-friendly to work links)

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