May 18th, 2006

Hello from bro - surfing

8361 - Who's that baby trading walnuts for gold?

Feeling lazy, but going to work. Dang ethic!

I've got tentative plans to have MM over to my place on the 4th of July weekend! I need to plan out some fun Florida host-type activites.... see who'll be at Revolution and maybe a day trip to Vizcaya/Art/Science Museums. Metrozoo? Monkeys?

It'll be nice.. first time I've had a houseguest at the new place, and I'm very excited!

Bro going to court in June over shoplifting charges. *cough* DUMBASS *cough* A flashlight from office depot.

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On the way home from work, I picked up a crank-chargeable am/fm radio for $5. That's pretty awesome technology. about 1 minute of turning gives 30 min+ of music. Definitely a good hurricane gizmo to have. Plus, no batteries for the landfill! It seems to pick up stations quite well.

If I were one of Scooby-Doo's gang, I'd write memoirs. Bolded and Italic names are the top 5 folks I'd really like to meet (or have met before they croaked.) Hm, I seem to lean to the fictional. Note I'd rather hang with Dick van Dyke than Jeannie and Babu. None of that "YABBLE DABBLE" stuff for me, no matter how cute Jeannie is. Frigging flying Joe Besser.

Celeb guest stars, during my formative years in the '70s:
  • The Three Stooges

  • Batman and Robin

  • The Addams Family

  • Jonathan Winters

  • Don Knotts

  • Phyllis Diller

  • Sandy Duncan

  • Sonny and Cher

  • Laurel and Hardy

  • The Harlem Globetrotters

  • Davy Jones (Of the Monkees)

  • Jerry Reed

  • Josie and the Pussycats

  • Jeannie and Babu

  • Tim Conway

  • Don Adams

  • Speed Buggy

  • Mama Cass Elliot

  • Dick Van Dyke

Subject line is based off of Ze's 5-17-06 video journal entry.
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejected a possible European Union proposal that would include an exchange of a light-water nuclear reactor for Tehran giving up uranium enrichment. "Do you think you are dealing with a 4-year-old child to whom you can give some walnuts and chocolates and get gold from him?" Ahmadinejad said about the proposal,according to The Associated Press. Iran has disregarded the U.N.Security Council demand that the country end nuclear enrichment.
Dang gold-hoarding, trading-all-foolhardily-and-such babies.

I've got some walnuts.

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