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May 25th, 2006

8371 - Up and at 'em, Atom Ant!

Happy Birthday, Apollo!

Ask a ninja! ... including - Ask A Ninja: Special Delivery 4 "Net Neutrality"

I got a lovely card and hand-colored Orange Monkey hanging suncatcher in the mail from Mandy! Very nice, indeed. I'm liking where this thing is headed.

I miss my Atom Ant T-shirt. I wonder where it went? I don't have nearly as many purple or maroon shirts as I used to own.

I wonder if Atom Ant had Champions "Growth" as a power to increase his strength and constitution? At times on the cartoon he seemed to be the size of a hamster. Pretty big for an Ant!

Moment of Lyric - mp3 - via

Up from the depths
Thirty stories high
Breathing fire
His head in the sky

And Godzuki....

That's the tune that contributed to my leg scar.

Upcoming outdoor events in Huizenga Plaza:


MAROONE MOONLIGHT MOVIES presents ROUTE 66 On, Saturday, May 27, The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival will present a free outdoor screening of three hour long episodes of the original ROUTE 66 television series, complete with the original commercials. The afternoon begins at 4pm with an oldies concert, dance contest and classic Corvette Show.

Right by my old stomping grounds, next to the singing fountain on Los Olas and Andrews near the Museum 'f Art.
Found a nifty picture of the fountain, with a cheesy sax player in front of it.

singing fountain

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