June 4th, 2006

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8391 - Getting ready to switch over to being on-call.

I don't only use the word "fantastic", I'm not always using it in a positive light *or* being snarky. If someone tells me of an idea that is totally out of left field, I'll refer to it as fantastic, meaning it was borne of fantasy. Something can be fantastic, and terrible.

Likewise, when I hear the term "horsefeathers" my mind immediately thinks of a pegasus.

Walk around the Great Pyramid in Giza

Hoppy Bunny of adorableness!

Thank you, Cute Overload and Theremina!

These little finger-people are cute, too.

Time-Lapse Photo Animations of the Cosmos

Moment of Lyric - (mp3 via fallentoad)

we have sinned so many times before
we see no need to turn back now

we're the world, the wicked world
marching to hell
we know what we're doing
we're marching to hell

come and join us have some fun
dance in joy beneath the neon light

we're the world the wicked world
we do whatever we please
forget your cares sow your wild oats
sin is a wonderful disease

lie and steal, it's all right
we have no worry for tomorrow

we're the world, the wicked world
we don't believe in God
we don't believe in anything
we find that idea to be rather odd

we pain ourselves as our bodies start to decay
we're getting closer every day
we have sinned so many times before
we see no need to turn back now

we know what we're doing, we're marching to hell

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